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Explore Caves in Northern Utah and Southeast Idaho

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    Minnetonka Cave

    St Charles Creek Rd, St Charles, ID 83272

    Located in Wasatch-Cache National Forest, this underground cave experience is one for the entire family. Its natural stalagmites, stalactites, and banded travertine have been forming for thousands of years and were discovered by Europeans in 1906. The cave is administered by the US Forest Service.

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    City of Rocks National Reserve

    City of Rocks Rd City of Rocks National Reserve Malta, ID 83342

    Granite spires and monoliths reaching 60 stories tall. Geologists estimate the oldest granite to exceed 2.5 billion years. Established in 1988 as a national reserve, City of Rocks encompasses 14,407 acres of land (about one quarter is privately owned) and is renowned for its scenic, geologic, and historic significance. The City of Rocks area was […]