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Located on the Oregon Trail and adjoining National Forest land, this cattle ranch has been worked by the Harris family for five generations. McGee Harris and his family converted it into a working ranch resort so that others could experience the adventures of ranching life.  

The 9000-acre ranch can give you a workout and a vacation at the same time, because you work along with the cowboys in their daily activities. When you are helping to do something at Bar H Bar, you’re doing it because it needs to be done, not because you need something to do! Tasks vary with the seasons-calving, branding, doctoring, fixing fence, irrigating, putting up hay are all possibilities, or you can take a nature hike, looking for wildlife. Horses are available for every level of rider available, no experience necessary.    

The ranch is located between Montpelier and Soda Springs, 8 miles south of Soda Springs. Coming from Montpelier, take Nounan Road from Hwy 30, between Bennington and Georgetown. Nounan Road eventually becomes 8 Mile Road as you get closer to Soda Springs.

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