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Cub River Canyon Guest Ranch is located at the site of Watercress Springs, 8.5 miles up Cub River Canyon. Watercress Springs is technically not a hot springs, but instead is a “warm springs” at  78 degrees Fahrenheit. The Shoshone Indians, while traveling back and forth from their summer hunting grounds in Wyoming to their winter camps near the hot water springs on the Bear River west of Preston, would stop and camp here. Enough game for food, shelter, and a warm water spring was a great attraction for them. The Hull family established a 620-acre ranch in the early 1900s and the Murdocks have recently converted the property to year-round recreation facilities which include among other things a year-round geothermal outdoor pool. Located next to Deer Cliff Inn in Cub River Canyon.

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1942 N. Deer Cliff road, 8.5 miles up Cub River Canyon. Take Cub River Road east, about 4 miles south of Preston, and between Franklin and Preston.

Our address

1942 N Deer Cliff Rd, Preston, ID 83263
42.1294014, -111.70550609999998