Salt Creek Waterfowl Management Area

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This site offers Northern Harrier, Bald Eagle (winter), Cinnamon Teal and Sandhill Crane. Directions on how to get there are available on the website.

Take the Corrine exit off I-15.  When you get into the town of Corrine follow the signs that point you in the direction of the Golden Spike Historical Site.  Travel to 11300 West (Little Mountain county road, west of Little Mountain).  You will see a small sign at the edge of a dirt road marked Salt Creek WMA.  Travel north on this road to any of the three parking areas. The North Salt Creek WMA entrance can be accessed via 9600 North and 8400 West. South Salt Creek WMA entrance can be accessed via 6800 West (Iowa String) and traveling west on 6800 North to Comptons Knoll or the county road parking area or the main parking area by the out houses.

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12 miles southwest of Tremonton, UT

Our address

Little Mountain Rd, Tremonton, UT 84337
41.6328653, -112.2598835