Spero's House of B.B.Q.

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Spero’s B.B.Q. is a family owned and run barbeque stand that features western barbeque made from fresh local meats and authentic mesquite flavorings from Mexico. Spero’s 17 years of restaurant experience goes into the recipes and expert preparation. Chicken, pulled pork and beef ribs are cooked on site. You can be served at the outdoor picnic tables, or take your order out to enjoy at home or a gathering. Cold salads and a specialty Greek lemon soup are also offered. Visit Spero’s in Malad year round and enjoy delicious barbeque and refreshing drinks on a hot summer afternoon. Catering is available.

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Our address

137 East 50 South, Malad City, ID 83252
42.18472209999999, -112.24146740000003