Know Your Heritage

Stories of the Bear River Heritage Area

“Blessed by Water, Worked by Hand”

By Bear River Heritage Area intern, David Giles On the northeast corner of Center Street and First East in downtown Logan, Utah, stands an old, wood-clad building painted white. There’s no sign to name it; the only clue to its identity is the old, broken neon lighting that reads, in foot-high letters, “Skating.” Even in this state, you can tell there’s something special about the old building that makes it stand out from all the rest. This building was, in fact, the... Read more

Becky stamping soap bars with the Spirit Goat label.

Good Clean Fun! Legend has it that ancient peoples discovered soap when fat from animals and lye from ashes made their way down to a nearby stream during ritualistic sacrifices. The potential apocryphal nature of this primeval legend aside, one can experience the primordial indulgence of an ancient art form at The Spirit Goat Soap Shop. From the moment you step inside the cozy boutique, your senses awaken with a delightful array of scents,... Read more

Jay Wilde Fixing Fences

...And A Handshake Agreement   Each season, Rancher Jay Wilde walks the country side putting up, taking down and repairing twenty miles of fencing on the Diamondback W Ranch in Mink Creek, Idaho, the summer range for his cow-calf operation. In 1995 after having been gone for twenty years, Jay returned home to Mink Creek to take over the ownership of his childhood farm and adjoining ranch lands. The first thing... Read more

Mountain Valley Trout Farm

“Where the Fish are Always Biting!”  Leland Barker’s tan, lean figure attests to the fact that a diet of lots of fresh vegetables and locally raised mountain trout contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Just four years ago, he added the sport of tennis to his already busy life as owner and acquaculturist at Mountain Valley Trout Farm in Smithfield, Utah. Now, he wins tournaments across the United States. Read more


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