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ATK Launch Systems, (formerly Thiokol), founded in 1929 as Thiokol Chemical Corporaton, is the world’s largest producer of high-technology solid rocket motors for space, defense, and commercial uses. They produce the giant solid rocket motors for NASA’s space shuttle program. The name Thiokol stems from the Greek words for sulfur and glue, a reference to its original products, synthetic rubber and liquid polymer sealants. ATK has a free outdoor display of solid rocket motors at its facility. Within an eight-mile radius, you can experience one hundred years of transportation history by visiting the Golden Spike National Historic Site, where the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869 (see separate listing), and visiting the rocket display at ATK, where scientists helped put a man on the moon exactly 100 years later in 1969!

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About 26 miles north west of Brigham City. Take State Route 83 west, through Corinne, taking the left fork coming out of Corinne. You will eventually see the rocket motor display on the right.

Our address

9160 UT-83, Corinne, UT 84307
41.6601508, -112.4403835