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About the Bear River Heritage Area

The Bear River Heritage Area consists of seven counties: Bear Lake, Caribou, Franklin, and Oneida in Idaho; and Box Elder, Cache, and Rich in Utah. It is a consortium of organizations in government, business, education, tourism, recreation, and other areas. We are dedicated to economic development through promotion and stewardship of the cultural and natural resources that are unique to this region. The Heritage Area is governed by the Bear River Heritage Area Council, consisting of representatives of all organizations that have signed the Interlocal Agreement that created the Heritage Area, and a Board elected by the Council from its ranks. You may view the current strategic plan of the BRHA here.

The Bear River Heritage Area is seeking designation as a National Heritage Area through an Act of Congress. This would bring funds into our region for economic development and promotion of our heritage. The four purposes of the Heritage Area as defined in the proposed legislation are:

(1) foster a close working relationship with all levels of government, the private sector, residents, business interests, and local communities in the States of Idaho and Utah;

(2) empower communities in the States of Idaho and Utah to exercise stewardship of their heritage while strengthening future economic opportunities;

(3) interpret, develop, and encourage stewardship of the historical, cultural, and recreational resources within the Heritage Area and the natural and scenic features of which they are a part; and

(4) expand, foster, and develop heritage businesses and products relating to the cultural heritage of the Heritage Area.

If you are a heritage business seeking endorsement with the Bear River Heritage Area, see the endorsement standards then contact us at 435-713-1428.