Close up of a train at the Golden Spike Historic Site.

Golden Spike Region-Brigham City Area

Golden Spike Region in Box Elder County, Utah

The Golden Spike region of the Bear River Heritage Area consists of Box Elder County, Utah, located in the eastern portion of the Great Basin. It includes cities like Brigham City, Tremonton, Bear River City, Corinne, and others.

It is named the Golden Spike Region because of the famous events of May 10, 1869, when the first transcontinental railroad was completed with the ceremonial driving of the golden spike. That event took place at Promontory, Utah, about 32 miles west of the county seat of Brigham City, near the northern end of the Great Salt Lake. The county itself is named for the numerous Box Elder trees that grow here in this part of the Great Basin.

The first permanent white settlements were established in 1851 when Mormons moved north from the Salt Lake City area and settled in what are now Willard and Brigham City. Shoshone Indians already lived in the area, and numerous violent incidents occurred until a treaty was negotiated in 1863.

The economy is now centered on agriculture, but there is also a rocket testing facility in the area.

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Golden Spike Region-Brigham City Area