The Pie-Dump and TL Catering



20 1400 S, Garland, UT 84312


41.726534724914, -112.16293215752


Down through the years the Pie-Dump has been the hot spot for teens attending the local high school. The Pie-Dump began during the Depression era, and was owned by Leland Hansen. He and his wife sold specialty candies and pies, and called it the Pie-Dump from the start. In 1944 it was purchased by Gordon and Donna Worley. They made fresh donuts on a cook stove, and added hot rolls and gravy, chili dogs and French fries cut from fresh potatoes. They peeled and cut 300 pounds of potatoes at a time.

The Worley’s owned it until the current owners bought it in 1984. Mac and Sherie Munns still make donuts and hot rolls and gravy—the mainstay item on their menu. They have added a steak house, open on the weekends. New owners have tried to change the name, but the Pie-Dump is a place with a history, and the name stuck. They say that if you come in and order fries with gravy and tartar sauce, they can tell you what year you graduated from Bear River High school.


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