Maddox Ranch House

Since 1949, the Maddox family has been serving delicious home cooked meals. Famous for their home-grown beef, Maddox also serves bison (less fat than regular beef-give it a try!), chicken, and fresh seafood. Now in their third generation, everything on the menu is made from scratch, including breads, rolls, ice cream and sodas. You can go inside for a juicy steak, or grab a burger at the drive-in section. An interesting feature of the site is that there is a stockyard in the back where you can view bison grazing.

Just south of the main restaurant you will notice a beautiful post and beam log structure that was built by a group of Amish builders. Call Maddox for more information about banquets for more than 50 people at the Lodge.

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1900 S Highway 89, Perry, UT 84302


41.475877, -112.024925



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