Camp Connor Site



2607 US-30 Scenic, Soda Springs, ID 83276


42.65793388324, -111.62616877224

General Patrick Edward Connor, with California and Nevada volunteers, was ordered by President Lincoln to protect the overland travel routes in the West. (This is the same Connor who led his troops to slaughter upwards of 300 Shoshone Indians at the Bear River Massacre in January, 1863. Please see the Cache Valley, Idaho, section of this Guide for information on the massacre site). He established what came to be known as Camp Connor, one of the first military posts in Idaho Territory, which covered one square mile along the north bank of the Bear River. Approximately 300 soldiers were stationed here until the post was abandoned in 1865. A group of fifty-three families, dissidents from the Mormon Church known as Morrisites, arrived in Soda Springs with General Connor and the infantry in May 1863. The settlers started a community west of the military camp between Soda Creek and the river later known as Lower Town. After grain crops froze for several years in a row, a majority of the people left.


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