Franklin Relic Hall

The village of Franklin is the oldest European-American settlement in Idaho, having been established in April, 1860 by Mormon pioneers moving northward from Utah. The Relic Hall, a museum of local history, is housed in a log building that was built as a museum in 1937 as homage to the log homes of the early settlers. Exhibits inside the Hall have remained relatively unchanged since they were installed in 1937, except for the research and additions that current curators have added. The collection includes farm implements, photos of settlers, and a Yellowstone Park Touring Stagecoach. In addition there is a replica of the old fort that was the first structure when Franklin was settled. Next to the Relic Hall is the stone building that was the Franklin Cooperative Mercantile Institute, part of the cooperative movement instituted under Brigham Young.  The idea was to locally produce as much of what was consumed as possible, to avoid dependence on “imported goods” from the coasts.

Summer season, Memorial Day to Labor Day; Tuesday thru Saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and appointment.



111 E Main Street, Franklin, ID 83237


42.017163439402, -111.80081537777



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