Hudspeth Cutoff

This is a branch of the Oregon Trail. On July 19, 1849, Benoni M. Hudspeth, captain of a wagon train headed for California, and John Myers, the wagon train’s guide, decided to open a new wagon route to shorten the northern and more established route through Fort Hall. Instead of following the main trail northwest, Hudspeth and Myers led their party due west from Soda Springs. This alternate route, 132 miles long, rejoined the older California Trial route northeast of the City of Rocks, some 30 miles south of Burley, Idaho.

How to get there: At the junction of US Highway 30 and State Highway 34, six miles west of Soda springs, turn north and travel about 100 yards. Turn right and follow the old highway to the end of the asphalt. By taking a short walk toward the railroad tracks, you will find where the Oregon/California Trail Association has placed white markers identifying the beginning of the Hudspeth Cutoff.



Hudspeths Cutoff Road, Bancroft, ID 83217


42.651754206393, -111.72963589751


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