Lau Family Farms

Lau Family Farms have been direct marketing grass-fed beef and lamb since July of 2004. John Lau is the fifth generation to live here, and his ancestors were one of four families sent by the Mormon Church to settle Soda Springs. The farm was established in 1882, and has received the Idaho Century farm designation.

The Lau Family says “We love farming and ranching and are thrilled to be able to provide wholesome and tasty beef and lamb to so many families. We are moving increasingly toward management intensive grazing which benefits both the land and our animals. We try to utilize new methods of weed control, like biological control via thistle-eating bugs, as well as some small scale spot spraying of weeds in our grazing fields. We work hard to be the best stewards of of our land and animals that we can be.”

The beef and lamb is sold as cuts, and as ¼, ½ or whole beeves, ½ or whole lamb. You will find the Laus at the gardener’s markets in Logan and Pocatello weekly from May through October. Their products are also available at the farm by appointment, and delivery is available to Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Logan, and Ogden year-round.



675 East US Highway 30, Soda Springs, ID 83276


42.652673706548, -111.58262942375



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