Maple Grove Hot Springs

In the early 1900s the Hopkins family homesteaded the site where this hot springs was developed, and for many years it was known to locals as Hopkins Hot Springs. You can read about the interesting history of this family and the original uses of the site at the front desk of Maple Grove Hot Springs. Hopkins Hot Springs became Maple Grove Hot Springs in 1945 and was operated as a commercial hot springs into the 60s. The Timmons family bought the springs in 1999 and have put forth tremendous effort in restoring the facilities, including crafting three beautiful stone pools that immediately overlook the Bear River. It is now owned as an intentional community and reservations are required.

Facilities include shower rooms and a kitchen for the use of all patrons. Campsites are available and can be reserved individually or in groups. Maple Grove Hot Springs is located along the Bear river at the north end of Oneida narrows reservoir in the scenic Oneida Narrows canyon in southeastern Idaho. This stretch of the Bear river is home to various songbirds, birds of prey, upland and water fowl including Trumpeter Swan, Wild Turkey, Eagle, Osprey, and Pelicans.



11386 Oneida Narrows Rd, Thatcher, ID 83283


42.3090601, -111.7079237


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