Papa Jay’s World Famous Beef Jerky

Locally owned and operated for many years by local entrepreneur Jay Moyle, Papa Jay’s grocery is now owned by his daughter, Mary, who continues the tradition of making her dad’s famous homemade beef jerky. Jay always enjoyed talking about the history behind the drying of meats, and experimenting with making jerky at home. He tried different meats and flavorings until he settled on the best recipes, which he kept secret. Jay joked that the whole family smelled like beef jerky until, in 1977, the hobby went pro, and he started producing commercially out of his C-store. Papa Jay’s also makes homemade roast beef sandwiches and other lunch specials that you can enjoy in the little café corner of the store. Stop by on your way through the scenic area around Clifton, and make Papa Jay’s your favorite spot for lunch.



10 S Main Highway, Clifton, ID 83228


42.186696705245, -112.00441726147



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