Samaria Cemetery and a Local Legend

You can find a variety of old and new style headstones in this cemetery, including a headstone for a man’s amputated leg. In 1878, Ben Waldron lost his leg in a threshing accident. The leg was buried on the east side of the cemetery and was given a headstone with a leg carved on it, along with the initials “B.W.” and the date. Ben himself did not die until 1914, and he was buried on the west side of the cemetery, far from his lost leg. It was said that after the leg was buried, Ben had constant pain, and he said that it was because his leg had been laid in the grave in a twisted position. Finally, they exhumed the leg, found it to be indeed in an unnatural position, straightened it, and reburied it. Waldron had no more trouble with pain, and he lived for several more decades.



4900 W 5000 S, Malad City, ID 83252


42.112781448933, -112.34788726019


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