Bear River Heritage Area

Blessed by Water, Worked by Hand

The Bear River Heritage Area straddles the Idaho-Utah border where the Great Basin and the Rocky Mountains meet. It is home to the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation, a strong agricultural economy, history-laced landscape, Mormon history, the Oregon Trail and abundant natural beauty.

This website is your guide to a fascinating variety of natural, historical and cultural experiences found within the Bear River Basin of Northern Utah and Southeastern Idaho. Let us share how this land and these people have enriched our lives with Experiences, Heritage Sites, Lodging, Restaurants, and Shopping.

The Bear River Heritage Area is about Stories!

Becky stamping soap bars with the Spirit Goat label.

The Spirit Goat Soap Shop Takes Personal Care to a Whole New Level of Delight for the Senses. Legend has it that ancient peoples discovered soap when fat from animals and lye from ashes made their way down to a nearby stream during ritualistic sacrifices. The potential apocryphal nature of this primeval legend aside, one can experience the primordial indulgence of... Read more

Heritage Region Experiences

Experience History in Utah and IdahoExperiences – Discover Heritage Experiences that reflect local culture, past and present
Heritage Sites of HistoryHeritage Sites – Explore structures where Mormon pioneers and Oregon Trail settlers lived and worked, or where historical events occurred
Lodging in Idaho and UtahLodging - Stay in quality heritage lodging, such as Bed and Breakfasts in historic buildings
Restaurants in Northern Utah and Southeast IdahoRestaurants – Dine where locally produced products are served and local culinary culture is expressed
Shop for Heritage ItemsShopping – Buy products hand made of local materials or using traditional techniques